Product design and Development

Robot with compact digital camera. 3D Illustration
Robot with compact digital camera. 3D Illustration

When you are looking for a product designer’s its important you looks further than the usual ‘good looks’ attitude. Product design has to come with the realization of the critical engineering that often comes with the new product development.

With 3Dforms U.K, we have a rear combination of engineering capabilities with a lot of inclination towards new and advanced materials for end products that not only work but also well optimised to work for your new product. We do this via a design process that embraces and enhances the digital tools available today including state of the art design applications that will deliver you the best of your ideas. Design and development is undertaken within agreed time frames and all the while accepting iteration as part of the process. We’re constantly challenging ourselves and traditional stereotypes in trying to deliver great results.


New product development is not a light undertaking. Products demonstrate brand through their aesthetics, quality, user experience, and of course, their cost. Its well-known that despite the painstaking development process, every time the product isn’t selling, money is being lost down the drain while the costs keep piling up.

Our new product development process avoids projects running away, keeps the client in control, and ensures that the finished product is fit for the job. If the design process mushrooms, the launch date creeps away. If the new product development process under delivers, the early sales become costly returns.

Our project management is first class and assists your new product development, to minimise risk and be efficient in its execution.