Failure Analysis

We provide an independent failure investigation service for metallic and polymeric materials.

Our expertise in failure investigation includes:

•    Fatigue, brittle and ductile fracture mechanisms.
•    Corrosion processes, stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen embrittlement.
•    Wear mechanisms, adhesive, abrasive, cavitation erosion and fretting.

We have extensive laboratory equipment providing high quality analysis of all
aspects of a failure:

•    Electron microscopy coupled with x-ray analysis to examine fracture surfaces, identify and analyse features of interest.
•    Optical microscopy to examine relevant microstructural features.
•    Macroscopic examination
•    Chemical analysis
•    Mechanical properties
•    Hardness testing including bulk methods and microhardness surveying.

Our areas of expertise include:

•    Automotive; powertrain, valvetrain, brakes, suspension
•Industrial; bolts, shafts, gears, lifting equipment, hydraulics
•Catering; contaminants, corrosion
•    Medical Devices
•    Railway
•    Domestic; plumbing fittings, electrical
•    Marine
•    Electronic Devices