Flow accelerated corrosion (FAC)

Flow Accelerated Corrosion
Flow Accelerated Corrosion

Flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) is a common occurrence in in piping work a problem that can have devastating consequences. In power plants, if left undetected, can result in serious personal injury, equipment damage and plant downtime.

During FAC the protective oxide layer that lines the piping is dissolved away from the surface of carbon and low alloy steel when exposed to flowing water or wet steam under specific conditions. This then results in wall thinning in piping, vessels and other components. Undetected in time, it can result in leaks or instantaneous ruptures. In power plants for example, failure to detect FAC has in the past resulted in catastrophic failures and fatalities at power plants.

The serious problems that FAC can cause mean that it is vital power plants develop a programme to minimise FAC damage.

At 3Dforms U.K. we will use our experience and stepped approach to identify the early signs of FAC in piping and locate high risk areas. This can reduce the risk of serious plant failure with damaged components and ensure continued plant safety and reliability. Our FAC services include:

  • Computer software to identify and rank high risk areas
  • Ultrasonic examination of selected locations
  • Engineering analysis of piping
  • Non-intrusive wall thickness measurement using a patented pulsed eddy current technology
  • Non-intrusive examination of high risk areas (carried out online or offline)

Our experts’ track records will ensure their expertise comes in good to help you implement and maintain effective FAC programmes to help minimise costs and forced outages.