Corrosion Testing and Consulting Services

Our expertise in corrosion means we can analyze, control, mitigate and prevent corrosion problems in facilities and performance environments.
3Dforms U,K has devised a sound process of corrosion control and evaluation using state of the art corrosion testing laboratories and expertise, backed by a world-class team of corrosion consultants with years of experience across a diverse range of industries. Corrosion tests follow international protocols, including ASTM, IP MIL, NACE, FTM and others.

Corrosion testing and consulting expertise:
•Corrosion Testing Laboratories
•Corrosion Risk Assessment and Management Systems
•Corrosion Evaluation of Materials and Monitoring
•Scale Prediction and Inhibition Services
•Engineering Services
•Intertek CAPCIS Corrosion Consultancy
•Metal Corrosion Monitoring, Testing and Evaluation
•Forensic Investigation of Corrosion Related Failures
•Stray Current Management
•Metallurgy ◦Stainless Steel Corrosion Investigation

Petroleum and Petrochemical Test Directory (Corrosion Properies of Petroleum Refined Products):
◦Copper Corrosion and Silver Corrosion Tests
◦Sulfur Compounds Corrosion
◦Hydrogen Sulfide Management (H2S)
◦Bacterial Infestation in Fuel
◦Corrosion Salt Fog Testing for Engine Oils
•Plant Cooling Water Conditioning and Corrosion Control
•Oil Reservoir Souring Services