Corrosion Monitoring

Field and Off Field

3DForms U.K. corrosion monitoring services help customers with site monitoring requirements. Corrosion services include the selection, specification, development, supply, installation and operation of corrosion monitoring systems on-site or in the laboratory.

Corrosion monitoring expertise:
•Independent field and desktop reviews to determine corrosion monitoring requirements; covering all aspects including coupons, electrical resistance, electrochemical measurement, and metal loss survey and monitoring tools to meet the plant corrosion risks and the matching of tools with corrosion management strategies.
•Selection of monitoring locations, assess requirements, data acquisition.
•Specification and development of engineering specifications for tender.
•Corrosion monitoring supply.
•Operation of corrosion monitoring systems over both the short and long-term for investigatory, process change and permanent condition assessment. Provision and operation of equipment for measurement surveys and web-based installations for remote system management.
•Development of bespoke design and manufacture of corrosion sensors for the nuclear and chemical industries and for reinforced concrete structures.
•Supply, design and manufacture of state-of-the-art sensors and instrumentation for electrochemical corrosion measurement.
•Installation and commissioning of in-house and third-party systems.

We design and manufacture our own instrumentation probes and monitoring equipment, supplied under the Concerto brand, to provide:
•Embedded probes and sensors for permanent installation in reinforced concrete structures.
•Portable and permanent instruments for electrochemical measurement.

With dedicated instrumentation, we can provide a complete service of system design, supply, service, data analysis and consultancy.