Corrosion Analysis

Corrosion Monitoring
Corrosion Monitoring

Corrosion of metals and metal alloys can be a substantial engineering challenge which can require detailed understanding of the materials, service environment and operational parameters.

What we do at 3Dforms coupled with our extensive expertise in metallic and alloy materials bring out understanding to characterise corrosion behavior, identifying its sources and arresting its advance. This process can mean:

  • Identifying corrosion products
  • Materials selection for corrosion control
  • Evaluation of environment /system to identify source of corrosion
  • Failure Analysis of components
  • Expert witness testimony

Our approach is driven by scientific understanding and knowledge focused on reducing uncertainty, risk and conservatism.

The guidance we provide for our clients helps to better inform and enhance their decision-making processes. We provide:

  • Robust, cost-effective designs and material selection.
  • Specification of mitigation and operational management strategies.
  • Performance assessments and qualifications of materials or chemical treatments within challenging operating environments.
  • Integrity assurance and condition monitoring programmes.
  • Degradation modelling for mature infrastructure.

Our broad range of capabilities has resulted in us working on an extensive variety of projects, some of which have involved:

  • Exploring the limitations of flexible pipes in deepwater environments.
  • Assessing and managing the implications of stray current in rail projects.
  • Understanding the implications of sour aquifer production.
  • Developing new corrosion monitoring technologies.
  • Providing comprehensive failure investigation and expert witness services.

Choosing us to deliver your specialised testing and corrosion and materials consultancy will ensure you receive quality, reliable advice and services from a team of world-class experts.