Composition Analysis

scanning-electron-micrograph of dendrites
scanning-electron-micrograph of dendrites

Various analytical techniques are available to analyse composition from the simple and quick to the more complex one like X-Ray Diffraction.

We can help you analyse various types of Materials:

  • Metals & Alloys
  • RoHS Materials
  • Industrial Minerals
  • Ceramics
  • Slag’s & Deposits
  • Residues (Organic & Inorganic)
  • Plastics, Polymers (Non-destructive & Destructive)
  • Rubbers, Elastomers (Non-destructive & Destructive)

Analysis Techniques

  • ICP- Inductively Coupled Plasma/Atomic Emission Spectrometer. (ASTM E1479)
  • Combustion Analysis (Carbon and Sulfur, ASTM E1019)
  • Gas Analysis (Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, ASTM E1019)
  • Ion Chromatography (Anions, ASTM D4327, D5085, E165)
  • FTIRFourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (ASTM E573, E3677, E1252)
  • Microscopic FTIR
  • DSCDifferential Scanning CalorimetryMeasures melting point & glass transition temperature. (ASTM D1519, D3418, D4591, E794, E1356)
  • TGA- Thermogravimetric Analysis – Measures filler content.(ASTM E1131)
  • Wet Chemistry (Special Methods, Deposit Loading)
  • Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis
  • X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) & X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) available upon request.