Building Materials

Building Gravel
Building Gravel construction. Rock mixed with small to large.

Building materials can notoriously require a constant level of control all along the production process.

In to ensure a high level of final building a constant, high-quality cement based product including concrete, renders reinforced concrete, control of the production at every stage is of the utmost importance, from the production of raw meal, the preparation of kiln feed and the production of clinker right through to the final mixing of the end product. Concrete mixes and how they cure are equally one that require a constant control process.

This means that at every stage the process control there is driven by the analysis of chemical and mineralogical analysis. The latest demands on CO2 emission drive the use of alternative fuels and the production of blended cements. We’re here at 3Dforms to employ a range of cutting edge chemical and mineralogical analyses of the intermediate and final products. We employ reliable and rugged solutions in order to steer the process in the most cost-effective way for the highest quality cement or concrete.

In reinforced oncrete systems, successful field corrosion measurements in reinforced concrete structures pose a number of challenges to the system designer. Long-term assurance is required, while the electrochemistry of the environment can change dramatically over the life of the structure.

Corrosion and condition monitoring systems are often installed as a verification of construction quality, as an indicator of system health and as an early warning onset of corrosion for future cathodic protection application.

3Dforms U.K. offers solutions that meet these demands and seamlessly integrate into the production process.

Analytical techniques include simulations as well as micro and macro techniques to ensure a great end product. Be it for failure analysis, expert witness or otherwise, we are here on hand to help steer your project to the very highest level.