Expert Witness

Smashed car in ditch and toppled pillar on-site accidents
Expert Witness Services


Investigations are performed for a wide variety of reasons including providing evidence for insurance claims and legal actions.

Component failures:

  • Fracture – overload and fatigue
  • Deformation
  • Wear
  • Corrosion

Contaminant analysis:

  • Filter debris
  • Particles in rubber & plastics
  • Wear debris
  • Corrosion products
  • Dust, eg chimney fall-out


Extensive materials experience includes:

  • Irons and steels, including microalloy steels
  • Aluminium, magnesium, titanium and copper-based alloys
  • Tribological materials, including bearings and friction materials
  • Sealing materials, including gaskets
  • Metal matrix composites
  • Engineering ceramics
  • Coatings


Comprehensive process knowledge includes:

  • Casting, including continuous and squeeze
  • Powder metallurgy, including aluminium and copper
  • Rolling, including powder
  • Forging
  • Extrusion, including continuous
  • Heat treatment
  • Injection moulding


Application experience includes:

  • Automotive: eg powertrain, valvetrain, brakes and suspension
  • Industrial: eg lifting equipment, hydraulics and tooling
  • Aerospace
  • Railway
  • Domestic products


Extensive laboratory facilities include:

  • Reichert Polyvar Met research grade optical microscope
  • Leitz Miniload 2 Microhardness Tester
  • Leo 435VP variable pressure electron microscope
  • Oxford Instruments Isis energy dispersive x-ray analyser
  • Nicolet Impact 410 FTIR