Project Management

Let’s face it, an increasing part of organisational change is today delivered through projects. As a result, sound and ongoing project and programme management are essential to many operations’ success. At 3Dforms UK, we’re continually improving our expertise to ensure that we always deliver to you capital expenditure portfolios of projects focussing on business outcomes, just as much as getting the job done.


We appreciate projects today are of a diverse nature not only requiring strict delivery on time, on budget and to brief, but also require that the broad issues with social, economic and environmental sustainability are explored at every level of the project. At 3Dforms UK, basing on our background, we ensure innovative solutions are used from working with construction teams to choosing the correct procurement fir for your project. We will drill down to the right supply chain processes and arrangements ensuring the construction process is as lean and agile as it can possibly be, eliminating waste and ultimately ensuring good returns.

From project brief, through construction and handover, we aim to be there for your project always working professionally while working closely with our partners.

Innovative Practices for an agile approach

Over the years, we’ve built our pride on flexibility, responsiveness and strategic, programme and project advice to achieve business goals and lasting change.

From design and fit of new facilities to refurbishment of existing installations, we will help you build fortitude within your project requirements.

Be it for long-term partnerships or for one-off projects, our aim is to seek to understand an organisation’s aspirations so that we can find innovative solutions bespoke to the need.

Risk Management

Every project has its inherent risks that go beyond health and safety. Here at 3Dforms U.K we aim to understand every project specific risks and devise ways of effectively managing them. We manage risks relating to time, costs and quality ensuring these are well understood right from start, constantly reviewing the process to detect any new risks that may emerge. We explore opportunities and provide crucial assurance that the project can start smoothly and delivered safely for use.

Each project uniqueness means we use our expertise to identify what the critical success factors of each are, be it sustainability, certainty in cost and time, early delivery, competition or value capital, cost outturn, whole-life cost or your reputation. Each of these factors can define success in their own right and our aim is to match our focus to yours to ensure the risks that matter most to you are known, managed or mitigated.