Corrosion and Materials Engineering Liverpool, Merseyside

Welcome to 3dforms U.K – Liverpool and Merseyside’s leading independent materials, product and corrosion engineering consultancy. Here, you will find independent engineers with a vast array of engineering specialism that will help across the board spanning from construction, product development through to materials science. We have a specialist interest in materials advanced analysis for both advanced materials using XRay, STEM, TEM or SEM. Simple analytical techniques can also be used to troubleshoot some common problems prior to helping you build a wider understanding of your materials needs be it for failure analysis or simply building up understanding for a new product/undertaking. We will help you to produce specifications for, design, process and apply current materials specifications effectively.

Our lab facilities are here to help you when you have any materials or corrosion testing needs including corrosion analysis, fog/salt tests or building up defence as part of an expert witness process all over Liverpool and Merseyside.